Affiliate Programs

As with every other move we made the decision to go with the very credible and professional company, webmarketingmagic to handle our affiliate program. Sign up with webmarketingmagic for US and International affiliates and start making huge commissions and offer the best service to your own clients and earn more credibility and respect for your business.

webmarketingmagic has comprehensive resources such as banners and links that you can use on your site. It only takes minutes to get started!

Infolocker is the best with the lowest pricing in the world. We are super easy to sell and convert well. We believe that online backup will one every computer will have online backup service. Why not get on this rapid moving bandwagon and start making huge revenue for your company or just your self.

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America?s choice for Secure Data Backup

Infolocker offers a full range of services allowing our products to grow with your needs. Backup your computer, sync files across your computers, access your files from the web and more. No other provider offers such a complete range of services ? see our full range of home and business products. read more

Infolocker Desktop Software

The Infolocker Desktop Software makes using Infolocker easy! If you are Infolocker Backup customer it works in the background to protect your precious files as you work. If you are a DataBox customer it adds a new drive to your computer - the DataBox drive - where you can access your Infolocker DataBox. read more
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